• Erol


    business stuff and tech stuff.

  • Todd Lincoln, MBA

    Todd Lincoln, MBA

    Stock-market investor, battle-scarred entrepreneur, and fireside philosopher. Creator of Investor’s Handbook: https://medium.com/the-investors-handbook

  • Alison Yao

    Alison Yao

  • Lidia Vijga

    Lidia Vijga

    I connect dots & people | Co-founder @BriefBid | Editor at www.byvi.co | I write about early-stage startups 🚀✨ and share practical takeaways from founders.

  • Margarita Demkina

    Margarita Demkina

  • pressfarm


    Find journalists to write about your startup. Saves the hassle of having to track down press. Go to press.farm

  • Tina Luckett, MSA

    Tina Luckett, MSA

    I’m an accomplished career woman and a lifelong friend who resides in Michigan. As a U.S. Army Veteran, I live the life that allows me to write freely.

  • Iraklichichua


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